chris newmyer
Chris Newmyer
Founder / Principal
30 Milkshakes

Here's a madlib pull-quote:

Chris Newmyer is 30 Milkshakes. He rarely answers to ďChrisĒ, as there are just too many people named Chris in the world and he has ďone of thoseĒ last names. After having spent the last bunch of years tour managing various artists around the world, releasing over 30 records on his own label (The Self-Starter Foundation), and booking/promoting over 1000 shows, he decided it was time to start working with artists across all aspects of their careers. Better than perhaps anyone, he understands what it means to be on an small or non-existent label, tour, and work to build a fanbase and grow as an artist.

Thereís lots of other related experience in his 20+ years in music industry, but, to be honest, itís all kinda blah blah blah whatever. All that matters is the here and the now. And milkshakes. Coffee milkshakes, to be precise. Extra thick.

He enjoys single malt scotch, bourbon, rye, blended scotch, beer, and shrimp cocktail.

When not listening to Steely Dan, he can lately be found listening to Bobby Hutcherson, Rifle Sport, Dennis Brown, Terry Allen, Liquid Liquid, Yuppies, Grant Green, Phillip Upchurch, Big Ups, Dennis Coffey, Naomi Punk, and the newest playlist he's made and posted over at the 30 Milkshakes Blog.

He is seven minutes late for everything.

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